What does Cub Scouts cost?

We believe that participation in the Cub Scouts, as an almost-year-round activity, represents the best value in youth activities available.  We understand that there is a huge variety of sporting, art, and other enrichment choices, but dollar-for-dollar you cannot get better value, and better values, than in the Scouts.

Here are the costs parents can expect to pay for the year.  It is important to remember that no boy will be turned away from the Scouts due to an inability to pay for Scout activities.  If your boy wants to be a Scout, but you cannot afford the usual dues and costs, let the Pack leadership know and we will find a way to make Scouts happen for your son.  

Pack Fee: $175 - Covers National and Pack Fees.  We hold a Fall Fundraiser to help off set costs of our Pack.

Uniform: Getting your son a full set of uniform components $35.  See the Uniforms page for more information.  A handbook is not necessary now that our Pack is using Scoutbook - you can track your son's advancement through this program.  Your pack fee covers the handbook, neckerchief and slide. We also hold a uniform exchange in the Fall.

For the 2019/2020 year, Pack 29 will fundraise with HOME PLATE PEANUT BUTTER in the Fall to help raise funds for the Pack, and to help the boys learn important life skills of salesmanship, principles of commerce, etc.

What is the boy's time commitment?

We understand that families have a huge number of potential activities, and many families are heavily scheduled. The following are the activity opportunities your Cub Scout can participate in:

Pack Meetings: Cub Scouts in Pack 29 meets during the school year and have 3 fun summer events.  Typically, there is one Pack Meeting - where all the Cubs get together, per month.  We usually meet on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 at Austin Ridge Bible Church.  

Den Meetings: Each boy is also a member of a Den - 8 to 10 boys in the same rank/grade level.  Dens meet once or twice per month for Den Meetings.  These are scheduled and organized by the Den leaders.  

Campouts: We try to schedule two campouts per year, one in the fall and one in the spring.  These are Friday night to Sunday morning events for the whole family.

Additional Activities:  Each year we hold a Rocket Launch, Derby Race and Blue & Gold Banquet.  Your Den may also schedule field trips/activities that coordinate with advancement.

What is the parent's time commitment?

Scouting can only exist thanks to the hundreds of thousands of adult volunteers who help organize troops, packs, dens, patrols, etc.  We hope that every parent can take on a leadership role, or at least kick in some time to help the boys with their activities.

Parents of Lion and Tiger Cubs - boys in the Kinder and First Grade - are expected to accompany their boys on ALL activities simply because it is impossible for Den Leaders to successfully run their den activities while chasing down 8 or ten young scouts.

Parents of other years are not required to stay for meetings, but are encouraged to do so.  There can never be too many parents on hand to help with den activities.

ALL parents in our Pack are expected to help throughout the year as either a Committee Member, Den Leader or serving on an event committee.  You will sign up for a position when you register your scout.



Meets at Austin Ridge Bible Church, Cuernavaca and 2244

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