Cub Scout Pack 


Meets at Austin Ridge Bible Church, Cuernavaca and 2244

The Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts is a uniformed organization.  Cub Scouts in Pack 29 are expected to wear a proper uniform for Den meetings and Pack Meetings.  This is known as the “Class A” uniform. 

The Boy Scout uniform is an important part of the Scouting experience. Pack 29 has a 'medium' level uniform requirement, but there are some minimum pieces you will need.  Parents may choose to get some additional stuff based entirely on personal preference.  

There is a "Class B" uniform, which is a Pack T-Shirt and any other clothes.  These are often worn on campouts, at service projects, etc., when wearing the Class A uniform doesn't make sense.



The minimum required Uniform setup is:

A.  Lions - Lions T-shirt and cap, blue Cub Scout shirt or khaki tan Webelos shirt.  Cub Scout & Webelo shirts come with the American flag on the shoulder and Boy Scouts of America embroidered over right front pocket.  I recommend buying a size up so you can use it for a couple of years at least if you think your Cubs will stay on in the program. This is why young Cub Scouts always look like their shirts don’t fit right – because they don’t.  ($24.99)  (MULTI-YEAR Item)

B.  Capital Area Council shoulder patch ($3.25)  (MULTI-YEAR Item)

C.  Unit numbers, “2” and “9” ($1.49 ea.)  (MULTI-YEAR Item)

D.  World Crest Patch (1" purple patch with white fleur-de-lis and knotted rope - $1.99)  (MULTI-YEAR Item)

E.  Belt (Blue for Tigers, Wolves and Bears; Webelos can wear the blue belt since the belt loops earned as Tiger, Wolf and Bear cubs will not fit on the larger olive belts; these come with rank-specific buckles, but those can be changed and it really doesn’t matter which one your boy is wearing – it’s the belt that is important) ($9.99)  (MULTI-YEAR Item)

F.  Rank-specific neckerchief.   ($8.99)

G.  Neckerchief slide (there are rank-specific ones, or get the generic Boy Scout one if you want to buy once and done) ($5.99)  (can be MULTI-YEAR Item)

H. Rank-specific uniform hat ($14.95) 

I.  Rank-specific handbook ($7.99)

J.  Den Number patch.  Den numbers for new Dens are assigned after the first meeting of the year.    ($1.49)

Additional Stuff - REQUIRED

K.  Blue or Olive cargo shorts – REQUIRED.  You can buy these from the Scouts, but they cost twice what a pair would cost from Target.  Just get dark blue cargo shorts for Tiger through Bear and olive for Webelos.  You may already have something that will work fine.  Blue jeans or blue cargo pants are fine for colder weather.

Additional Stuff - OPTIONAL

L.  "1910 World Crest Ring Emblem" – OPTIONAL.  This is a donut-shaped patch that goes around the World Crest patch.  Totally optional, but it looks sharp on a uniform. ($1.99)

Where to get Uniform and Stuff:

You have two choices.  In Person and On-Line.  The prices should be identical, but if you buy in-person then the local Council gets a share of the profit.  It is also kind of interesting to go to the shop and just see what they have.

In Person: Scout Shop at Fickett Center (or pre-order at

Fickett Center is the local council (Capital Area Council) headquarters, meeting room, and (very nice) Scout Shop.  It's not close, however.  The address is: 12500 North IH-35 in North Austin, near Parmer Lane.  If you order on-line, they will either collect the stuff and hold it for you, or you can have them mail it to you.      

On-Line: Online from the national Scouting supply website:
www.scoutstuff.org.  The national website does NOT sell the Council shoulder patch.

Patches – Getting Them Installed

First thing: Where do the patches go?  Click this button for a PDF:

Use a tailor.  Local tailors will sew on patches.  Assume you will spend a dollar to three dollars per patch.
Use the Scout Shop.  If you buy the uniform through the Scout Shop, they will sew on patches; however, it will cost $3 per patch.

“Patch Magic” – this is a pre-cut iron-on material that adheres patches to uniforms.

Sew them on at home.  This is probably a hand stitching job.  If you have a good sewing machine with a very heavy duty needle and heavy-duty thread, then you can probably do it on a machine. 

Advancement/Rank Patches, Awards, etc.

Generally speaking, when your son earns an advancement badge, totem, etc., the Pack supplies them and they are distributed at Pack or Den meetings.  Many advancement “badges” are metal belt loops meant to be worn on the boys’ belts.